NILD Program


Ascension Learning Center


Ascension Episcopal School serves students with learning differences by providing therapy through the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). For more information on NILD, please visit


Ascension Learning Center (ALC)


The goal for ALC is to help our students develop tools for independent learning in the classroom and in life. Educational therapy builds efficient learning processes, teaching students how to think rather than what to think. Our focus is on developing cognition, perception, academics, and emotions in order to strengthen the underlying causes of learning difficulties.


ALC intervention programs include a variety of techniques designed to address each student’s specific areas for growth. We provide direct and focused educational treatment for cognitive systems that are weak and vulnerable. The techniques are designed to strengthen a student’s ability to think, reason, and process information in areas such as reading, writing, spelling, and math.



Eligibility Guidelines for ALC program

Students receiving ALC services must have had formal evaluations in cognitive and academic achievement.

Students must have a diagnosed disability and/or significant deficits indicated in formal evaluations.


Kindergarten Screening

AES utilizes an early intervention program called SEARCH & TEACH. SEARCH identifies students who may have difficulty acquiring the skills necessary for success in reading. The TEACH component is a series of learning activities that have been compiled to specifically target and strengthen the needs identified by SEARCH. Results inform recommendations to meet the needs of our students.




For more information, contact Andrea Weekley at

For more information about the program, please contact Andrea Weekley at