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Character Development

Character and spiritual education are an integral part of the Ascension Episcopal School curriculum at all age levels. They are taught through a focus on character traits. Each month a different virtue is studied. Scripture, stories, dramatic play and daily interactions are all used to reinforce such virtues.

All students and faculty participate twice weekly in Chapel. Parents, grandparents and friends are always welcome, especially during holiday celebrations and at the time of the child’s birthday. Special Chapels are held for All Saints’ Day, Nativity Chapel, St. Nicholas Day, Epiphany, and Ash Wednesday.

Discipline is taught through instruction and decision-making rather than punishment. The staff nurtures each student with loving firmness, respect and fairness. We want our students’ interactions to be governed by a respect for others rather than fear of punishment.

The Anglican Church has had a long tradition of inclusiveness with respect to other religions and cultures. Ascension Episcopal School strives to continue that tradition, as the world we live in becomes more global.