Why AES?

Why Choose Ascension Episcopal School for your Student?

AES offers a unique blend of traditional education methods and modern techniques. AES focuses on providing small class sizes that help to build character and leadership skills. We offer small class sizes and this year with COVID concerns our class size will be 8 students and two teachers per classroom.  We usually allow 10 students and two teachers in our classrooms.

A small class provides your child individual attention, the chance to be a leader, the opportunity to test his or her skills in a safe environment. Everyone participates; there are no wallflowers here. In a small environment, we focus on how to cooperate and resolve conflict in positive ways. Small classes build your child’s social skills and confidence.

Curriculum:                                                                                                                                                               Our Frog Street Curriculum offers learning activities in math, language arts, science, STEM, with researched bases study for each age group.  Social and emotional skills are part of each day with Frog Street as developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. The curriculum base is Conscious Discipline.  Creativity and exploration are part of each day.  Learning is interactive with the teacher and student working together each day. Our students play outside twice per day. 



          They attend music class twice weekly if they attend the five-day program and once a week for the three-day program.  PE or Motor Skills for PK is offered one day per week for every class.

The chapel is an important part of our week every Tuesday and Friday.  Children learn Bible stories, engage in music and movement, and think about characteristics we should follow. 

Our Librarian offers story time weekly to reinforce literacy and learning. Our PK 4 students will begin to use technology for enhance learning.  Parents may use our online library and may also check out books to use with their students.

Our teachers educate the whole child, academic, social, and emotional learning takes place.  We challenge and strengthen each child academically, and change lives as each child discovers his or her talents.  We teach to benefit each child.

We offer convenient hours of 7 am to 6 pm or 8 am to 4 pm.  Our calendar has few holidays so that students have maximum time to learn.   This is especially important in the 2020-21 school year with time missed in the past year due to the Pandemic. 


Community:  AES provides a nurturing, moral community within which your child can thrive. Teachers know all the students, and the students know all the teachers. Parent volunteers are a big part of the fabric of the AES community. AES is truly a community of mutually respectful, caring, and involved parents, staff, and students who are partners in the education of the whole child.