Why AES?

Why AES?

Small Class Sizes:
AES offers a unique blend of traditional education methods and modern techniques. AES focuses on providing small class sizes which help to build character and leadership skills. Classes have no more than 12 children per class up to 2nd grade. 3rd through 8th grade have a maximum of 14 children.

A small class provides your child individual attention, the chance to be a leader, the opportunity to test his or her skills in a safe environment. Everyone participates; there are no wall flowers here. In a small environment we focus on how to cooperate and resolve conflict in positive ways. Small classes build your child’s social skills and confidence.


Academic strength is a cornerstone of AES. In small classes, teaching can be accelerated to keep pace with children’s progress. AES purposefully preserves music, P.E., and Spanish classes at all levels, and science lab in Kindergarten. Students here learn how to think – critically and creatively. Our goal at AES is to spark the joy of learning in our children that they will carry with them throughout their lives.


AES provides a nurturing, moral community within which your child can thrive. Teachers know all the students, and the students know all the teachers. Parent volunteers are a big part of the fabric of the AES community. AES is truly a community of mutually respectful, caring, and involved parents, staff, and students who are partners in the education of the whole child.