Parent Information

Ascension Episcopal School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The mission of PTO is to support the school through our events and programs.  We focus on building the community and fundraising for improvements to the school. 

The AES parent community makes AES a special school. The energy and enthusiasm of the parents define us and creates a welcome and warm environment. A true community exists when both freedom and security exist for our children to flourish.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, make friends, and help your children's school be an even better place.

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Parent Tips

  • Put labels on your sweaters, lunch kits, water bottles, shoes, books, and folders, or anything they can take off and leave.  (AES has a fundraising program with Mabel’s Labels; the school receives a percentage of label purchases.)
  • Volunteer!! Ascension Episcopal School is characterized by the strength of the parent community. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, make friends, and help your children’s school be an even better place.
  • Follow our social media pages @aeshouston on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get updates and see so many adorable moments on happenings around campus.



How does the school communicate with parents?



In Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 the children bring a folder back and forth to school every day.  Check the folder every day for communications from the teacher. At Parent Orientation/Convocation the teacher should give you a good idea if they are going to primarily use Living Tree or the folder to communicate or both.


The school uses an application called Living Tree to communicate. Within Living Tree groups are set up for your children’s classrooms and clubs, and co-curricular like science.   Photos can be posted by teachers or parents to Living Tree to share with the other parents. 


  • Homework and newsletters from the teachers are often distributed in Living Tree.  Please don’t ignore it!


Find current news, announcements, and calendars on the website:


  • Color-coded calendars for the School and ELP.
  • Quick links to Living Tree and other information “Parent Resources”, and FACTS on the website.



What does it mean to be a Room Parent?


That depends on the teacher and the age of the children involved. For most of the classes, you help organize the Christmas party, the Auction class artwork, Auction class basket, and the end of year party.  Younger classes might also have Valentines and Easter parties where the room parents are involved. In younger classes, the teacher will also ask you to help with corralling the kids on Rodeo Day.  



Additional Resources


Some things are worth buying:


  • If your child is between Pre-K 3 to Pre-K4 they need a blue bag with their name on it to carry the folder back and forth. Buy these from the school.  

Get one Spirit Day T-shirt and one sweatshirt. You can always put a turtleneck under it in the winter.


  • Most kids wear sneakers with their school-approved dress code. 






What is the purpose of Fundraising at Ascension? Or why do they keep asking me for money?


Annual Fund begins in September and is used to help upgrade areas within the school, teacher training, classroom needs, technology needs, and co-curricular items.  What’s critical about Annual Fund isn’t how much you donate but that we have 100% participation.  When we go to request grants from Foundations they want to see that 100% participation by the parents.  Remember it’s also tax deductible. For many folks, this is the fall donation and then in the Spring, there is the Annual Silent Auction.



      Additional Fundraisers for different areas of the school:


Book Fair – To raise money to add books to the library.  Our first Book Fair is in October and our Spring Book Fair is in May.  Each teacher also has a wish list for their classroom.



AIM Fundraising campaign begins Oct. 1st with gifts items for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the family Catalog.


Effortless Fundraising – in the packets there will be a list of ways to fundraise for the school that are “effortless”.  Includes box tops, recycling, etc.:


  • Box Top$ classroom competitions.
  • Smile.Amazon.Com – go there and choose the Episcopal Church of the Ascension School and most every purchase you make on Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase to the school.
  • Mabel’s Labels – great place to get labels to put on everything. There is info in the packet for this.






What is the Church/School connection at Ascension?


Ascension Episcopal School is the major mission and outreach of the church.  The Church through shared expenses underwrites a portion of the school’s budget each year.




What is Chapel?


The chapel is held on Tuesday and Friday of each school week.   Parents are always welcome to attend chapel with their children.  We have several chapels for parents:  Grandparent’s Day, All Saints Chapel, Baby in the Manger Chapel, St. Nicholas Chapel, Epiphany Chapel, and Mother’s Day Chapel.  Nancy Clausey- Head of School, coordinates chapels on Tuesday and Fridays.


How do we teach the children about giving back and being thankful?


It’s very important to us at AES that we teach our children to be respectful, giving, and thankful for what they have. We have one school wide activity that we do every November and then we also do more activities throughout the year.


We have a Community Service Day before Thanksgiving benefitting Lord of the Streets, WHAM, CAPS, and Seafarers. The children spend the morning putting together kits for each of these groups and understand what they are doing and why. 


Mark Your Calendar


What are the things I should mark on my calendar and absolutely attend?


Start with Open House in AUGUST and meet the teachers. Also, there is a fair for the after school activities and you can get a good idea of what is offered. 


Parent Orientation/Convocation in late August is important to understand how the school works.  It starts in the Church and then you go to the classrooms. The teachers discuss how the class is going to run and their expectations. You can also sign up for Room Parent.  Kids do not attend this but childcare is available at the school. 



Spaghetti Dinner / Book Fair– what’s important here is your kids show their work to you in their classrooms.  It shows and tells for your kids. You also get to buy books!



Christmas Pageant Pre-K3 and 4 have Baby in a Manager - This is really, so cute don’t forget your camera.



Rodeo Day – Don’t miss Rodeo Day! Volunteer or just go around with your kids’ class. It’s like a giant fair for the kids and everyone loves to dress up western style. A very fun day.



Mother’s Day Chapel – In many classes, this involves a special parent activity with presents for the Moms. The chapel is one of the special ways we honor and celebrate our moms.