After (School) Hours Art Club

As humans, we were born not only to create, but also to cultivate our senses of imagination and wonder so that we might contribute to the beauty of our communities and our world.  Participation in the arts of any kind transforms our lives, most especially the lives of children and youth.  Developmental studies have shown that when children create they feed their imaginations, boost their confidence and esteem, hone their attention spans, broaden their reasoning and problem-solving abilities and develop roundly their interpersonal and social skills. 


K-2nd grades will be introduced to a children’s story illustrator/artist and experiment with his or her style of art and preferred medium.


Grades: K – 2nd                                             

Day: Thursday                                              

Time: 3:30 – 4:30                                           

Enrollment: Max. 10                                                                                  

Cost: $150