The Houston Audubon Society Owls at AES

Students were treated to an entertaining and informative presentation about local Houston owls on Wednesday. We got to meet three rehabilitated owls: Tskili, Juliet, and Percy. Mary Anne Weber from the Houston Audubon Society showed us the owls and talked to us about our winged neighbors and their habitat.

“Owls are not common backyard birds, but they are very desirable guests who can provide lovely nighttime sounds and excellent pest control.

If you’ve seen owls in your backyard here in the Houston area, you most likely have heard one of the three owls we met. They can be identified by their sound. We learned:

  • Great Horned Owls (Tskili) have a distinct song of 3-8 bold deep hoots: Whoo! Whoo-whoo-whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Their song is often described as “You awake? Me too!”
  • Easter Screech Owl (Percy) Contrary to their name, their song is not a screech but more of a drawn-out trilling note descending in pitch: “Eee-eeeheeee-eee”.This song is often described as a mournful whinny.
  • You can recognize the Barred Owl’s (Juliet) song by listening for 8 or more drawn-out notes,“Who cooks for you; who cooks for you all?” They will readily call back to imitations of its call. A group of 2 make loud, excited caterwauling.”

Owl visits from the Houston Audubon Society are one of many fun and educational programs we have at AES. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures at Ascension. Source: Mary Anne Weber, Houston Audubon Society