Kidventure - Summer at AES

2024 Summer Camp Registration Begins February 7 at 9 AM



We invite you to learn more about this upcoming summer and all that is new. Please click here and save the date to register for Kidventure.

Kidventure will celebrate its 30th season of summer camp in 2024. As part of that celebration will be highlighting one of ten character traits we hold dear to our hearts and mission. Each week will provide opportunities to focus on this trait and instill and teach the trait through the many camp activities and adventures we have planned.


Learn all about Kidventure Camp though our Spring Livestream Events

Join the Kidventure Team and Learn About Camp

At Kidventure, we understand that enrolling your child in a camp program is a big decision. Not only are we camp professionals, but parents as well, and like you, we demand camp be safe and rewarding, and provide your children (and ours) with a place that is inspiring and fun.


That's why we have scheduled a series of Livestream Events designed to help provide you with important information about our camp programs. Hosted by our camp team, each Livestream focuses on a particular program or important part of our camps. They take place at noon on specific dates and provide a great opportunity to learn and ask questions. Each event will stream on our Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel.


Discoverers Day Camp: Ages 3-5

Early Childhood Camp is an incredible opportunity for children ages 3-5 years to be active, practice life skills, learn to socialize, work fine and gross motor skills, and simply have the time of their lives. In this Livestream, Kidventure team members will focus on our Discoverer Day Camp program for ages 3-5. We’ll cover camp activities, our philosophy, and goals, what to expect at camp, and have a Q&A session so all of your questions are answered. Mark your calendar and reserve your spot. RSVP HERE


Leads Day Camp: Grades 5th-9th

Of all our age groups, we believe our Leads Campers (entering 6-9 grade) benefit and need camp more than any other. It is at this age that having positive role models, learning valuable social skills, fostering friendships, and learning how to become a leader is so crucial. For over 17 years Leads has done this and more for hundreds of young teens. Now Leads has expanded to Austin and Dallas. Join the Leads Team as they talk all about the program’s goals and mission, learn about activities, community service projects, and so much more. Plan now to join and reserve your spot. RSVP HERE


Explorers Day Camp: Entering 1st-5th Grade

Join the Kidventure Explorer Team as they discuss and present everything Explorers. Our Explorer Camp for kids entering 1st-5th grade is designed to provide your child with every opportunity to have fun, grow strong, and connect with new friends. The team will discuss our program goals and philosophy, weekly activities, field trips, lunch, and more. Plan now to attend and reserve your spot today. RSVP HERE


Preparing for Day Camp: All Ages

This is one of our most viewed Livestreams and for good reason. Join the Kidventure Team as they talk about preparing for camp and what to expect on your first day of camp. The team will talk about what to wear, lunches, drop off and pick up, how we divide our campers, counselor interaction, and lots more. This will help prepare you and your camper for the best summer ever. We will also have a Q&A to answer all. your questions. Mark your calendar today and plan to attend. RSVP HERE


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