Group picture at zooAs children grow and develop, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to revolutionize their educational experiences through our investigative approach.  These formative years allow us to focus on the continual development of each individual while embracing the relevancy of a collaborative effort.  


We merge the following 21st century learning approaches in our elementary classrooms to offer a complex, rigorous, and meaningful approach to elementary education.  



Problem Based Learning Problem based learning is based on cognitive constructivism where children learn through problem-solving. Teachers assist children with discovering resources that may help provide answers to a specific problem but are guides for our children.  



Project Based Learning Project based learning is based on child led interests where children work in cooperative collaborative groups. Children learn from peer interactions and teachers assist children with community resources as well as research to fuel their understanding of facts.  


Phenomenon Based Learning Phenomenon based learning is based on a wholistic approach where children learn through a focus on a ‘phenomenon’ that requires them to use multiple different forms of knowledge from different subject areas to learn about the phenomenon. Teachers do not provide facts,