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How and When can I give?

  • A pledge is a promise to give that can be paid later, seeking 100% participation by December 31, 2022.
  • We accept cash, check, credit card, and appreciated securities.

  • Online Giving is available for a one-time gift or gifts on a payment schedule.

  • Many employers offer matching programs; we encourage you to check with your company's Human Resources Department.


Two ways to give:

  1. ONLINE  Donating is easier than ever, click donate or pledge today.
  1. IN LETTER  To donate please fill in a pledge card and return it in the self-addressed envelope.  As many of you know many companies have matching gift plans for charitable contributions like our Annual Fund.  Please check with your employer for a matching program.






Dear Ascension Episcopal School Community,

 What an honor and privilege it is to Co-Chair the AES Annual Fund. Our names are Bryce and Adam Zornes and Kayla and Edward Heap. We feel blessed with the opportunity to lead such a meaningful effort for our school in a time of growth, development and prosperity.


Adam and Bryce joined this community in 2019 after their daughter was born. Now parents of two happy ELP students, their family continues to find a home away from home at AES. From the teachers and administrators who have become a part of their village, to the beautiful campus that provides a sense of peace and warmth throughout the days, there is a deep love and gratitude they have for this wonderful school!


Edward and Kayla joined the family in 2022 when their first daughter was born. Kayla’s mother worked at AES when she was a child, and Kayla and Edward were married at the church by Father Mark in 2021. That being said, Ascension has a special place in their hearts. They have enjoyed getting involved and meeting the other AES families. They are very grateful to know that their daughter is being so well-cared for and loved while she is at school.


Our children come home each day filled with love from their teachers and confidence from new lessons learned. We know this is because of the emotional, spiritual, social and academic support the teachers invest in them throughout their days. Our families’ choice to send our children to AES is an easy decision we continue to make! We represent the great diversities in our city of Houston, but we are one family at Ascension Episcopal School and our mission is the children. Our students are not just learning and growing; they are being nurtured as young minds and future leaders with strong moral compasses and Christian values.


Many of you chose AES because of the competitive tuition, but the reason you stay is because of the wonderful staff who support your children to thrive each day. The tuition we pay provides all of the basic necessities like salaries, utilities, building fees and classroom essentials. As you have seen over the past year, there are many opportunities for growth and development. We have been able to execute incredible campus beautification projects as well as necessary repairs. This is the 51st year in the school’s history and with that there are several projects in the pipeline that will continue to help improve the school for everyone to enjoy! The Annual Fund is an opportunity to supply the deficit through generous giving so that our school can continue to execute these meaningful projects. A few improvements on the list include a new school sign on Seagler, classroom technology updates, floor replacement in the 100 building, additional signage throughout campus, turf on the large playground and others depending on funds and priority.


As the Annual Fund Chairs, we humbly pray and ask for 100% participation from all of our families to continue to lean in so we can ensure Ascension’s legacy. This also allows us to maximize the number of grants we can apply for and ultimately receive. When AES succeeds, our children and our community succeed! There is no better time to make your mark on our school’s history and directly impact your child’s home away from home.


In Christ,

Bryce & Adam Zornes

Kayla & Edward Heap

You may make your AES Annual Fund Contribution through Online Giving.
Please make checks payable to Ascension Episcopal School and mention Annual Fund in the memo.