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What a blessing for all of us to embark on the 50th year of Ascension Episcopal School. Some of us have been a part of a long tenure, while others are just beginning on what is sure to be a wonderful educational journey at AES. Our names are Jen and Joe Savery and Bryce and Adam Zornes. It is our honor and privilege to serve as Co-Chairs of the Annual Fund, especially in such an exciting year of growth and development in our school’s great history!


Joe and Jen joined this family in 2017 and continue to joyfully watch their children grow and learn. From the first tour of the campus to drop off this very morning, the warmth that emulates from this blessed place continues to make AES more than a school, it’s a second home. All three of our children have soared as eagles with smiles on their faces.


The Zornes likewise find comfort in the community. The Zornes toured Ascension Episcopal School before the birth of their oldest child and decided they needn’t look at any additional schools—they had found their home. Now, both of their children continue to flourish and grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially. They began visiting the Church to get to know the Ascension community, and after their first visit they could not believe how supportive the Church was of the school and how friendly and caring everyone is at Ascension. 


 Our children come home joyful from their days spent at school. They love telling us about the new Spanish words they learned, and beam with pride over mastering new skills. We pray their teachers’ and classmates’ names when we tuck them in at night. Our families’ choice to send our children to AES is one of the proudest decisions we continue to make. We represent the great diversities in our city of Houston, but we are one family at Ascension Episcopal School and our heartbeat is for the children. Our students are not just learning; they are being nurtured as young minds and future leaders with strong moral compasses and Christian values.


One of the reasons many of you chose AES is because of our competitive tuition, but the reasons you have stayed a part of our family is because of the educators who love our children so well. The tuition that we pay at AES provides the basic necessities of our School. It provides staff salaries, utilities, building fees, and classroom essentials but our tuition leaves a deficit for development and ongoing growth. Annual Fund is an opportunity to supply this deficit through generous giving so that our School can provide mandatory staff development, campus beautification, classroom upgrades, and meaningful expansion projects.


As the Annual Fund Chairs, we would like to ask for 100% participation from all our families to stand in the gap and provide for the development of our precious school family. From our beloved faculty to the beautification and ongoing development inside and outside our classrooms, we are committed to our Eagles. We all soar when we soar together. With 100% participation in this year’s Annual Fund Campaign, we can ensure Ascension’s continued legacy by maximizing the number of grants we can apply for and ultimately receive. When Ascension succeeds, most importantly, our children succeed.


There is no better time, no better school year than 2021-2022 to make our mark on school history. Your investment with AES has a high yield, perhaps the highest—it is an investment in the academic, socioemotional, and spiritual growth of our children and the children who will one day attend our special school.

Jen & Joe Savery                                                    

Bryce & Adam Zornes 

You may make your AES Annual Fund Contribution online .
Please make checks payable to Ascension Episcopal School and mention Annual Fund in the memo.