Welcome Head of School

Dear Prospective Families,

It is such an honor to serve students at Ascension Episcopal School! Watching
our Eagles grow throughout the year is the most rewarding gift to our educators!
It is their curiosity, excitement, passion, and desire that fuels us to continue
forward with our mission!

The future forward starts with you! We are excited to begin accepting
applications for PK-1st grade for Fall 2022!

As our School strategically grows it is the quality that we offer that must be
valued! We will set the precedent for who we say we are as Eagles at Ascension
Episcopal School!

Our program will be an investigation based 21st Century approach to
elementary education. We will go beyond the traditional definitions of
academic success to focus on what works best for students. This emergent
approach will combine the best of research, educational standards, our
student’s needs, and developmentally appropriate practices to build skills that
students need to succeed in work, life, and citizenship! Applied knowledge in
areas such as critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration will set a path
forward for a future filled with success!

We invite you to consider a future forward with Ascension Episcopal School! We
will host many events over the next few months to share more about our
enrollment process, our program, and to answer important questions about
what a private School education at AES means for our Eagles!

As you consider your future, we would be honored to be a part of the
conversation! We invite your questions and inquiries directly to me or our Head
of Admissions, Ms. Nina Polk. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to share a
future with your family!
Portrait image of Kayla Cockrell - Head of School
Kayla Cockrell
Head of School