Early Learner Program

Children The Early Learner Program focuses on meeting the individual needs of every child, while still providing opportunities to build relationships with teachers and peers as our infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn to become active members in their community. We treat exploration and discovery as a way of learning, while enabling children to develop curiosity, confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. Our program is a nurturing and trusting environment that fosters development in all learning domains and promotes a style of learning that is truly the best for all children.


Our young toddlers are supported in their newfound mobility and their desire to figure out the world around them. They become more regulated in their daily routines such as eating, sleeping, and playing and thus benefit greatly from a predictable routine where they understand what comes next and what is expected of them. 


Giving our older toddlers space to create and explore supports their increased independence, exploration of emotions and feelings, and fast-developing use of language. We also understand and support their continued desire to discover everything about their world and believe our investigation-based approach nourishes their curiosity. 


The preschool years are a time of wonder and amazement! Peer relationships are strengthening, they have a more complex understanding and use of language, and their overall motor skills have developed rapidly. Children at this age have an overwhelming eagerness to learn and you will notice that their ability to experiment, explore, and focus on set activities begins to change rapidly. Our program supports preschoolers and their need to be challenged, engaged, and encouraged in their learning and personal interests. All of this is done with the belief that children learn best through play!