BUZZ BUZZ! Honey Bees!


It was a beautiful morning at Ascension Episcopal School....the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming and the bees were buzzing inside the school...THE BEES WERE BUZZING INSIDE THE SCHOOL!?!?!

That's because "The Mad Beekeeper" was showing us his portable bee hive in the Parish Hall!


Today our AES students learned:


*The responsibilities of a beekeeper, how they extract honey, etc.
*The daily life inside of a beehive.
*The difference between the queen, worker bees, & drones (male bee) etc.
*The various jobs of the worker bees and the queen.
*How honey is made.
*Biology of the honey bee, proboscis (straw like tongue), honey stomach, stinger & how it works (depending on the age group).
*How wax is produced.


The students got to ask tons of questions and look at the portable hive up close. They even got to touch and smell an actual piece of honeycomb! A few students got to wear the beekeeper suit. We had the best time!

The funniest part of the presentation was when a group of students demonstrated the “Waggle” dance. The honey bee performs a carefully choreographed “waggle” dance that tells the rest of the hive where to find a good food source. Great job volunteers!


Here’s another example:


 A big thank you to our Science teacher, Mrs. Rochelle, for organizing this exciting visit from The Mad Beekeper today!


 To see more videos CLICK on the attached links at the bottom of the article!
You can learn more about Matt Kane and his beautiful bees on or click the link below.

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