Veterans Day 2015

The morning started at the flag pole where we said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang "My Country, Tis' of Thee." The Veterans Day Program began when all of our guests entered the Parish Hall.
Fifth Grader, Megan Seitz, welcomed our guests and introduced classmate Preston Boyd who read the history of Veterans Day in America. Fifth Graders Aiya Tawwokol, Chance Thalmann, Matthew Seitz, Reiner Arlt, and Nathan Dube gave brief explanations of the different branches of the military and what their roles are.
We invited our Veterans to the front of the assembly to hear their story. Veterans in attendance were:
- Alan Burton - Air Force
- Matthew Varhaug - Coast Guard Reserve
- Jack Kennedy - Navy
- Gary Kowis - Navy
- Hugo Montejo - Army
We got to hear about their time in the military and students got to ask whatever questions they wanted. Fifth Grader, Paige Pierce, read a prayer for all military soldiers.
The AES Choir sang "Unsung Hero" and then lead the room in "America, The Beautiful."
Refresments and pictures followed.