Parachute Play in PE!

Why incorporate parachute play into the PE Program? Just ask Coach Hazard!

Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and sharing. While most gross motor activities for young children develop muscles in the lower body more than the upper torso, parachutes strengthen primarily shoulder, arm and hand muscles. When children work together to make the parachute billow, they also refine perceptual motor skills and develop a sense of rhythm. Language activities can also be incorporated into most parachute games.

Benefits of parachute play include:

  • Encourages cooperation
  • Strengthens upper torso
  • Non-competitive
  • Differing abilities are non-issue
  • Refines perceptual skills
  • Reinforces turn-taking/ sharing
  • Develops a sense of rhythm
  • Requires following directions
  • Promotes social interaction
  • Enhances language development