Safety First


Masks Optional for all adults and staff entering our buildings.


Any student exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and will be cleared to

return pending a negative COVID test and a note from their healthcare provider. Students who

come to school exhibiting symptoms will be held in quarantine in the school office until a

caregiver can pick them up.


These symptoms include:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting





The administrative team and staff at Ascension do all we can to promote a healthy

environment for your children. Our staff ensures that children wash their hands when arriving

at the school, when changing classrooms, before and after meals, after art projects, after

toileting and diapering, after coming in from outside, and after wiping their nose. Our

teachers also wash their hands when arriving at the school, when changing classrooms,

before and after serving meals and snacks, and wear vinyl gloves while diapering or assisting

a child with toileting and when encountering any bodily fluids. We also disinfect infant and

toddlers’ toys throughout the day, and our preschool toys are disinfected weekly.


These policies, together with parent cooperation in keeping a child home when he/she

is showing symptoms of illness, will help cut down on the spread of illness throughout

the School. Children who are ill cannot be appropriately cared for in a childcare

setting. Exclusion is merited whenever care exceeds the capability of the teachers or

when the child cannot participate in all activities. By maintaining a healthy

environment, and reasonable health policies, all our children will benefit.


Examples of health symptoms that require exclusion from the program include (but are not

limited to):

  • severe pain or discomfort, particularly in joints, abdomen or ears
  • vomiting or diarrhea (two or more incidents within a twenty-four-hour period)
  • severe coughing or sore throat
  • oral temperature of 100.4 degrees or more accompanied by other
      behavior changes/symptoms
  • jaundice (yellow) skin or eyes
  • red eyes with discharge
  • infected, untreated skin patches/lesions or severe itching of body/scalp
  • difficult or rapid breathing
  • swollen joints, visibly enlarged lymph nodes or stiff neck
  • blood/pus from ears, skin, urine, stool
  • unusual behavior characterized by listlessness, loss of normal appetite, or confusion
  • symptoms of chicken pox, impetigo, lice, scabies, or strep throat
  • symptoms of COVID 19 or exposure to an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19


While we regret the inconvenience caused by strict adherence to these guidelines, our

concern for all the children dictates a very conservative approach when dealing with health

matters. Ascension Episcopal School will err on the side of safety when making health

decisions and asks for your tolerance and understanding.


All parents will be informed via health notices posted via ProCare if a

communicable disease is reported.